Artwork by Tsuji Megumi

Heaven [Album] – Digital

Heaven is a soundtrack set to the diary of Ume Nakajima, a young woman who lived in 19th century Japan. The diary centers on the the events surrounding Ume’s attempt to escape from an arranged marriage to a cruel nobleman after a chance meeting with a young, […]


The Lovers’ Suicide! [Single] – Digital

Title: The Lovers’ Suicide! Genre: Indie Rock Year: 2013 Tracks: 01. THE LOVERS’SUICIDE! 02. Love So Estranged Producer: Lukas Untersteiner Featuring: None Format(s): Vinyl, CD, Digital Label(s): Zoom Lens(US), Beko(EU) Note: Love So Estranged written by Rocketship, CD/Vinyl has different artwork Purchase: Alternate Vinyl Artwork: […]

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goodbyes [EP] – Digital

Title: goodbyes Genre: Dream Pop Year: 2012 Tracks: 01. teen dream 02. hai bby 03. crystal tears 04. half open 05. little leaf Producer: Lukas Untersteiner Featuring: Tiny Microphone (Vocal) Format(s): Vinyl, CD, Digital Label(s): Discau(US), Fastcut Records(JP) Note: Vinyl and CD versions contain bonus […]

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the bilinda butchers - regret, love, guilt, dreams - thebilindabutchers-regretloveguiltdreams

regret, love, guilt, dreams [EP] – Digital

Title: regret, love, guilt, dreams Genre: Dream Pop Year: 2011 Tracks: 01. all my friends 02. tulips 03. careless teens 04. sigh 05. boyfriend 06. secrets Producer: Lukas Untersteiner Featuring: None Format(s): CD, Digital Label(s): Fastcut Records(JP) Note: CD version contains bonus tracks Purchase: Fastcut […]

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goodbyes [painting] by Yoshinori Asai

Original painting by ヨシノリアサイYoshi did two paintings for us for our goodbyes EP. The first painting using soft pastel pinks and oranges depicting a woman covering her mouth in a pile of flowers. The image is inspired by a scene from Seven Samurai. The second painting showing […]

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Heaven Album [Vinyl] – Orchid Tapes

Orchid Tapes Heaven Vinyl The vinyl release of Heaven on Orchid Tapes features a matte slip cover with gold leafed “HEAVEN” letters. First pressing limited to 250. Purchase from Orchid Tapes here. The vinyl disc art on the A-side matches the white vinyl. The B-side […]

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Heaven Album [CD] – Fastcut Records

Fastcut Records Heaven CD The Fastcut Records release of Heaven features gold leafed “HEAVEN” letters as well as an alternate mix of the record. This version also features the bonus track “New Style Akashi 2.” Purchase from Fastcut Records Overseas Store here. Japanese translation card. […]

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