2016 Asia Tour Artwork

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We are really proud to present three pieces of artwork that was done for us for merchandise on our upcoming tour.

We were really lucky to work with Penguin Labs in Hong Kong, the same artists behind the artwork and comic for Blur’s last album The Magic Whip. Artist Kong Khee created a piece for us that will be featured as a t-shirt design exclusive for the upcoming Asia tour.

The second t-shirt design that will be available comes from Barcelona based artist xamu that features us in an Akira style setting.

And last but not least our good friend Mia Jacobson, a design based in Chicago created this regret, love, guilt, dreams hat logo.


Asia Tour 2016

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I am so happy to finally be able to announce, after months and months of planning, our first tour of Asia. With the gracious support of Lisellotte Wong of「也」yerecords, Jane Blondel of Songs For Children, and Naoki Morikawa of our fabulous label in Japan Fastcut Records, we will be traveling to several cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and finally, a dream come true, Japan.

We are in complete awe of the hard work and dedication to music as an art that Lieselotte has shown us, and for all of her help in making this tour a reality. We are, without a doubt, ecstatic to be able to make this journey and bring our music to a completely new place for all of us in the band.

When Adam and I first started this band one of the first things we dreamed about doing was getting the opportunity to go to Asia to play music. It has been almost 8 years since that beginning and it is crazy to think that now, after all this time, we are finally able to make those dreams come true. Coincidentally we will be leaving on the bands 8th year anniversary!

I’d like to take this opportunity again to thank all of those involved with helping this tour come together. In the coming weeks I will be able to share some collaborative projects that we have been working on with some of our closest friends and some amazing artists that we’ve been able to connect with for this tour.

But a very special thanks to all of you who have supported us through the years, and all of you who believe in us and our music. Through all my ups and downs with this project, I have never seen more vitality, vigor and passion for it as our incredibly dedicated fans.

See you soon China, HK, Taiwan and Japan!

San Francisco show added


Very excited to announce a very special San Francisco show on Saturday June 11th at Swedish American Hall with:

Creepers (which includes our good friends Shiv and Dan from Deafheaven)
SF Shoegazers Balms
And a very special DJ Set from none other than Craft Spells

We have a lot of really exciting things happening this summer which we will announce shortly, but we hope that you can make it to this crazy party to help us celebrate! See you soon~

Tickets available here: http://www.swedishamericanhall.com/main/calendar/the-bilinda-butchers/