Here is a new remix we did for Tiny Fireflies track “Melody.” It is available on the Japanese release of their new record The Space Between out on Art Union.

Here are some words I wrote about doing this remix:

Kristine Capua and the Butchers worked together a while back when she appeared as a guest on our track “hai bby” from our 2013 EP goodbyes. At that time she was still making music under her solo project Tiny Microphone. When we toured with Craft Spells in the Winter of 2015 we had a chance to finally meet her and Lisle when we played with Tiny Fireflies in Chicago.

“Melody” was the first track that I heard from The Space Between and as cliche as it is to say, I was instantly enchanted by the vocal. The character of her vocal and the melodic space it occupies is perfect. It is the perfect range and scale for her voice and it has that perfect quality to it that makes it adaptable to any style or genre. The lyrics are pretty ethereal as well and there are some pieces that feel really relevant to what is going on in our country at the moment.

“It tires me out, to listen to another word. When you go too far, focus on the space between.” That line philosophically and poetically encapsulates my feelings of frustration to Donald Trump’s hate speech.

The Butchers philosophy for remixes and covers is to attempt to create something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the original; Different in emotional content and feeling, instruments, genre, etc. I am not sure how successful  we are, but that is our objective before we start working.

I was keen on doing something that was minimal and somber with the UK style garage and house drums, as well as incorporating that ethereal and ambient synth sound that I’ve now so closely associated with vaping haha. And of course, I wanted Kristine’s vocal to be the center piece while putting it in a considerably more melancholy space.

Lukas (our producer), Adam and I pulled this remix together over the span of about a month. Unfortunately Ryan wasn’t able to work on it because he is off in Euro traveling. I wonder what it would have sounded like if he would have reworked the drums….oh well, next time!

I also recently bought a PAX2 vaporizer for my girlfriend and I really love how different the effects of cannabis are with it. I know that vaping has this sort of dorky or annoying social association, but I’m hoping that music could be a platform that helps push that in another direction by giving it a different reference point. I really wanted to try to incorporate my new admiration for it in this remix.



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