Artwork by Tsuji Megumi

Project Heaven began in 2011 as an attempt to create a soundtrack for the diary of Ume Nakajima. The diary, written in 19th century Japan, centers on the the events surrounding Ume’s escape from an arranged marriage which leads to her capture and eventual death. The diary presents Ume’s unique perspectives on loyalty, death and the afterlife which resonated with us and compelled us to expand on her story.

In 2014 we completed our soundtrack to the diary entitled Heaven. In it we focus on the idea of “heaven” as it relates to Ume’s writings on faith and the pursuit of happiness. Heaven as a soundtrack gave us an opportunity to explore these concepts in greater depth and brought us closer to Ume and her story.

After the soundtrack was completed, we decided to continue expanding on the story that Ume left behind. Using the soundtrack as our guide we aim to create works over various formats, and through collaboration with other artists, that are inspired by Ume’s diary.